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Re: Big problem with RAID

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Supreet Sethi wrote:

> Hi guys
>    I am working for a company called ICRIER which has got a machine which was 
>    spine of the whole company. RAID was implemented on it. It ran mail, DNS,
> webserver , proxy and samba

Is ICRIER a think tank at Lodi?  If so please get in touch with Dr Ajit
Ranade.  He set up the Linux box(es) there.  On the offchance that Ajit is
no longer on the list (he has shifted this month to Bombay), I am cc:ing
him.  Ask anyone at ICRIER for his contact numbers.

IIRC, mama.icrier.res.in was not running RAID.

-- Ghane