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Dear LUG Coordinator,

Greetings from the Bangalore LUG!

As you are probably aware of by now, India's premier IT event - Bangalore
IT.COM 2000, will again have a big Linux Community presence, just as it
did last year.

Because of the logistics involved, the Bangalore LUG has been requested by
the Linux community (the LUGs of India) to represent them at this event.

This is a Linux community participation (the BLUG is only a facilitator
and executor, just as we were last year).

We would like to solicit your LUG's involvement in this event.

We have started a separate mailing list for discussing details about
IT.COM, for two reasons:

- to avoid cluttering up this list or the LIH/LIG lists

- to allow other LUGs to participate in the discussions without having to
  subscribe to the Bangalore list or LIH/LIG.

This list is 


and details are at 


Anyone who is interested in being involved in these discussions, please
subscribe ASAP. We expect discussions to start sometime tomorrow

The list is public in nature, so everyone can watch the discussions via
the web (http://www.egroups.com/messages/linux-at-itcom), but to post, you
need to subscribe to it.

To keep track of various things (status, proposals, features, accounts,
etc.) as well as for providing a place to put digital photos,
descriptions, reports, etc., we have started a website


There is nothing there yet, but there will be, soon. Suggestions are

We would *really* appreciate it if the members of your LUG would
participate both in the discussions as well as (if possible) at the event
itself. You advice and suggestions will be what will help us build the
Linux Community presence at this event. Please circulate this note on your
mailing list so that we can have the involvement of as many people as
possible from your LUG.

Thanks in advance, and see you in the mailing list and (hopefully) at



Atul Chitnis       | achitnis@xxxxxxxxxxx (PGP:6011BCB8)
Exocore Consulting | http://www.exocore.com
Bangalore, India   | +91(80)3440397 Fax +91(80)3341137