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Re: (fwd) SuSE Security Announcement: screen

> >what is so bad abt being user friendly??????????
> It encourages them to be friendly.  As a SysAdm, best avoided.  Next thing
> you know, you start worrying about backing up their files, and teaching
> them vi.  It cuts majorly into your spare time.
now u r talking like a true bofh!!!!!! i hav found that it is better to
educate the users abt the system they r using, rather than keeping secrets,
as this way i might hav to spend some time explaining some things the first
time, but the next time onwards they don't end up eating that much of yr
time.. and it is always nice to be friendly with the users . things get much
easier that way! u don't end up being blamed for everything that can't be

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