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Re: FreeBSD and Linux

Free BSD is a UNIX variant which is good in its own way

Early code of unix was available to universities
among them was University of Berkeley. Lots of people read students added
there code to this initial code base. Then Bill Joy sold the first tape of 
Berkely variant of unix. This variant became popular in its own right. Lot of 
networking code was also added to it. As per belief TCP/IP stack of BSD is
the best. 

Now free BSD is on of the distribution of 4.4 BSD lite which is BSD code - UNIX

4.4 BSD lite kernel uses microkernel architecture 
where unix emulation mode is run over a microkernel which provides the basic 

Best things about FreeBSD
Virtual Machine code is implemented to provide fast scheduling and memory
Memory management is fast so application run faster
Linux appliction can be run over FreeBSD and people say they run faster on
File System is also very fast 

many of these things also apply on *BSDs
they are from same source tree