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HDD Problem

Hi Guys,

I am having a problem with my HDD since I installed RH Linux. During too much
HDD activity it gives an error - 
hda:irqtimeout:status = 0xd0

and afetr some time it gives

Between this time of 15 secs the computer does'nt respond. 

Cud anyone help to solve this prioblem.? I heard this was onlyt in SCSI Drives
- sda... ( I have a IDE HDD)

I also played with hdparm once..... but it din't have any effect on this problem
However on changing my HDD to "enable DMA channel" it gave some errors and
returned back to 0.
though it accepted 32 bit I/O it got reset everytime I reboot the system even
on enabling keep setting.

Thanx in advance.

Goldwyn :o)