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Re: pine postpone

On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Ajit Ranade wrote:

>pine has a feature that allows you to compose all your
>emails and postpone delivery. but the actual delivery
>has to be done manually, i.e. whenever one is
>connected via dialup, you have to go into pine and
>send (ctrl-x) all those "postponed" mails.
>i am sure there's a simpler way in pine. can anyone

No simpler way in pine, but sendmail does it for us just fine. Configure
pine to deliver mail to sendmail on localhost, and read the Mail-Queue
mini howto, which will be wherever debian keeps its mini howto's. And
then, to send your mails whenever you connect, put a entry "sendmail
-q" in your ip-up.local , wherever debian keeps that too.

-- Sundeep.