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Konqeror Rocks

Konqeror Rocks MAN
IT is Browser - ftp client - and file MAnager all in one
Its really very fast cool man
a  must for better internet experience on Linux
Netscape is heavy(really very heavy) same with mozilla
but this is a breeze man  very light

But it doesn't come alone but with KDE2
just download the souces and compile 'em

NOTE: Its gonna take a long time  as it took around 5-7 hours on my

myconf:--> Celeron 533, 64M and every thing as usual

It needs atleast qt-2.2Beta1
so grab it from same place
The ftp site listed under


the download is approximately  34 MB

Jaswinder Singh Kohli
 Two things are infinite, the universe and the human stupidity,
 but I am not yet sure about the universe.    (Albert Einstein)