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Re: Wu FTP Server

> I followed your suggestions and replaced my
> 100BaseT RealTek(RTL8029) PCI NIC and replaced
> it with and old ISA 10BaseT NE2000 Compex card.
> I repeated all my tests, this time the throughput
> for up and down was almost similar.
basically i hav also seen that most of these

> Here's a startling discovery I made about the
> former card which I think should be known to
> everyone. I configured my NT server for FTP and
> did the same test, still I got the same results
> as in the LINUX case.
in my case it was only the cauz of drivers in linux,

> So, folks better be careful with
> 100BaseT RealTek(RTL8029) PCI NIC.
and compex rl100a series... they r also bad (they come with some winbond
840(????) chipsets, which r real bad)

> Can get more info about the best PCI NIC available
> in India, which is also a bit cheaper.
i dunno!!, but we use dlink and dax 100mbps network cards, and they give
adequate performence for most ppl and are quite cheap..(these are also based
on realtek chipsets - rtl8139)... and we also use intel 100mbps cards on any
node where we need performence and on any server, and these cards are really
fast.... with these cards the file transfer speed gets affected by disk
access speed!!!!!