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Re: Full screen VCD player

> Does anybody know of any full screen VCD player that works well on
> Linux? I have already tried mtv and kmpg ... while the full screen mode of
> mtv is damn slow ...kmpg barfs on the vcds even though it supports them..I
> hate to say it but the Micro~1 media player works really well on much
> lower specs than my computer ...i have a k6-II 400 w/ 64MBRAM ..
well i know... i feel the same thing... but 4 mtv, hav u got a liscence????
if u do... then please share it with me!!!!
pleaseeee........ co i dont have the dollars to buy it.... mebbe ill pay u
in good old indian rs???
well as 4 ur problem... mtv fullscreen is also not exactly fullscreen....
atlerast not for me.... and as for it being slow... that is only because the
buffer is almost null... just increase the vid_buf and see it work just
as 4 kmpeg... well it donesnot work at all on my comp... it just likes to
keep dumping its core on me!
as 4 M$ media player.... i know... it is pretty good(except wmplayer7...
they screwed it up nice and proper as usual).... u c... there is no
harm/anything wrong  in accepting what is good by M$... so when u advocate a
good M$ product... please dont be shy! even on the list!

> Somebody help!! All those "nice" VCDs are going wasteeeeee!! ;-)
well then old chum... giv em to me