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Re: Can't surf the net thru KDE as user

I dunno, but in my system kppp asks for the root password, and then things
go on smoothly!!! U cud also try to connect to the net using some command
line tools like wvdial... and since u hav the root passwd, it shud not be
that much of a problem!!!!
> Well yes Ambar I do have the root password and I surf the net and receive
> all mails thru my root login only. But kppp fails to work in user mode. It
> asks fo rht epassword and nothing happens next.

> > do you have a root password??
> > > I am not able to acees the net thru KDe user. I have configured it for
> > > root and is working fine . But when in user mode I click kppp I am
> > > prompted the user password and nothing happens next. I try it again
> > > the same thing happens. how can I dial the net thru the user and not
> > > root?