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Re: hoax mails

At 8/28/00 6:42:00 AM, you wrote:
>I recently came across a software (GhostMail 5.1) which lets you send
>e-mails to anyone assuming any email address. The sender ( a friend of
>mine) had assumed the identity as
>his_name@his_domain .
>Seeing this , i was amazed that the whole purpose of password protection
>in emails
>is a fake ,  when anyone can send any mail with a reply to address as

 but he can't check your mails WITHOUT  the password. 

>I even came across this text , a technique for sending fake e-mails. You
>telnet to the smtp port of a mail server use the following commds and
>a fake mail with a different return address. I tried this and it does
>work . Although you can
>get the ip address of the sender .

there r methods to hide IP address too. 

>Is there a way of defeating this???

 simple. keep a lot of e-mail ids .some for personal(user) some for friends (group) and other for rest of 
the world.

>And i don' wanna use  filters. The person can assume a diffent name and
>can mail from a different mail server each time he mails.
>Mohit Sood

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