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Re: [ADMIN] Unsubscribed users

Panakj? :-)

Hey, I already gave the reasons for this on the list.  I don't really
want to unsubscribe people without anyone knowing, and I don't see any
way of telling people about it except through the list.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Panakj" == Panakj Kaushal <apenguinhead@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Panakj> Raju Mathur wrote:

    >> Unsubscribed the following addresses from the list due to
    >> recurring bounces:
    >> kataria@xxxxxxxxx

    Panakj> Raj it looks as if most of the mail traffic is created by
    Panakj> you and your unfaithful users

    Panakj> Is there a way you can do this silently not* spamming us
    Panakj> your faithful* users

    Panakj> I'm not being rude just pointing to a problem i noticed
    Panakj> ;-)

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