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Re: I'm in trouble part2

Sanjeev Gupta wrote:

> Pankaj,
> Running frozen.  /etc/init.d is 92k tarred.  Sorry for the delay, I was off
> for a couple of days.  Still need it?

Sure I need it
as you can see in the mail headers
I'm still dozing with bhindoez
mail it to me will ya
Thanx man ya saved my life
Ghane rockz
Gahne for presedent
Pankaj Kaushal
     All that you touch, create, see, destroy,
     taste, do, feel, say, love, eat, hate,
     distrust, slight, save
     And everything under the sun is in tune,
     But the sun is eclipsed By the moon.
     There is no dark side of the moon
     ... really... matter of fact it's all dark.

                                -Pink floyd and Pankaj

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