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Re: sendmail problem

hit isp wrote:
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Are you trying to send mail directly from your machine? This might
explain some mails being sent fast as their mail servers are fast and
responsive. While some mail exchangers are damn slow, delaying mails by
hours on end.

If this is the reason, try using a smart mail relay host like your ISP's
mail server. After this there is no reason why there would be any
partiality to some mails in terms of delivery time.


> hi all!!
> i am runninig sendmail 8.9 on linux red hat 6.0. This box is also acting
> as DNS server for average 35+ simultaneous users. Sometimes when i send
> mail , it takes so much time and sometimes it goes like a bullet. When i
> use top on server , it shows normal load and memory usage. I am getting
> absolutely no clue about the issue. Any help will be appreciated
> pls help me
> Thnaks
> Mathews
> System Admin