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Re: new idea ( ??)


by addressing Gurus .. I am not addressing any perticular class rather all you are in mailing list.
Next, I agreeed that creating 2 GB file is not good idea, but you can't argue this with a customer - "why you create such big files, I can't help you. sorry" 
What is IMHO ??
you made good point about the issues -- why byte  ?? but this is not the solution. At least I don't see answer to my question yet. I am working on to find this answer from terms like NFS, AFS, RESYNC ...but I am not sure yet, how and which one duplicate only change portions of file at back up(replica) server.


--- neil <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> Gurus,
>please dont address mails to a certain elite class of people leaving out 
>the others... its rude!
>> I have 2 GB file on unix/linux. 
>firstly, its bad programming to make a program produce a 2gb file 
>output. so IMHO u shud throw that program out!!! in effect, u reduce 
>performance of the system. this idea is an exhisting programming riddle, 
>but most programmers avoid getting into this situation by making a 
>number of  small files. then its not that stupid to backup a file of say 
>1mb. anyways... lets continue..
>> I want to take back up (or replicate) of this file as soon as there is any change in this file.
>> If we use incremental back up, it will take bake up of all 2 GB file size for a single word change.
>youre rite there!!!!
>> Q1 - Is there any solution in your mind, which will collecte only change byte (or blocks of say 1KB) and duplicate on back up server ?
>actually... no!
>this is a problem with the file system... in the present day filesystems 
>(fat,ext2) a file is taken as the smallest constituent of the fs.... not 
>a byte(bytes are treated like a black box).... so ineffect... if we want 
>to  change just a byte in a file... we wud require the sallest 
>constituent to be a byte!!! so the only solution is to make a filesystem 
>of your own just for backing up stuff!!!!
>you could call it (b)fs.
>> Q2 :- What are the products (commercial and non-commercial like unix utilities) support back up of Open files (application) ???
>now thats a question for the gurus!!!!!
>> I hope, i didn't ask a tough question.
>not at all!!!!
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