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Re: Fw: Suspended list subscriptions

Ambar Roy wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Raju Mathur" <raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > >>>>> "Ambar" == Ambar Roy <ambarroy@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> >
> >     Ambar> Can't u just send these suspended msgs to the person who is
> >     Ambar> being suspended, insted of the whole linux-delhi list. or
> >     Ambar> is this some way to boost traffic into our mailboxes!!
> >

if the messages are bouncing off somebody's mail box, how will that
person receive this message.

it is called a "catch 22 situation". or, is it?

(ambar might be a member of egroups lists. if four messages from egroups
bounce, they immediately send a probe message to the same
address, if it also bounce they suspend. )

> > Actually the reason I send to the list also is if anyone knows the
> > person under discussion they can inform him/her and maybe get some
> > feedback.  

that is good thinking (tm) of yours, as usual. that will definitely help
people who are out of touch in email world for some reason.

> If everyone thinks that this is a Bad Idea (tm) I'll stop
> > forwarding to the list.  

only so many of them is a little irritating. 

:-) that is the pains of running a 200 members mailing list.
instead of you manually keeping track of boncing, can it be automated.
anybody game? 

> IAC I'll prefix these messages with [ADMIN]
> > in the subject so that you know which to ignore.
> >

nope. how would i know that my net mail server or my local ISP mail
server had gone down for sometime bouncing all messages, and you might
have put me in suspended animation? I need to read every admin message
for that. can't ignore.

> > that we're all in sync.
> >
are we in sync.