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Re: yacc v0.1 (Yet Another Constitution Candidate)

Detailed comments later. Overall seems to be good.

--- On 12/09/00 21:00 +0530, Gurunandan R. Bhat wrote: 
> OK, Here are some suggestions on the broad structure for LI. I look
> forward to your comments and suggestions.


> Here are some functionaries of LI:
> 1. Managers for (Term 1 year):
>         a) Public Relations and Awareness Management (Mailing List
>            management, Web site management, Press Releases, Opportunity
>            identification)
>         b) Programmes and Event Coordination and Inter-LUG affairs
>            (National Linux related event, participation and organisation)
>         c) Resource Mobilisation (Fund raising, Library management)
>         d) Research and Development (Student events, Scholarships, Geek
>            stuff)
> I had earlier put in posts like President, Secretary, Treasurer etc,

Aren't those posts a legal requirement ?