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Hi KK,

Please consider this an endorsement of Arun's earlier message(s)
regarding ILUG-Bangalore's interfacing for IT.COM by ILUG-Delhi.  I'm
CC'ing this message to our list so that no black holes of information

Thanks for the continuing support for Linux in India.


-- Raju

>>>>> "KK" == Krishna Kumar <" <kkkg@xxxxxxxx>> writes:

    KK> Dear Arun,

    KK> First of all, thanks for the flexibility and the confidence.

    KK> We would gladly accept ILUG Bangalore as representing Linux
    KK> India, till such time that Linux India discusses and finalises
    KK> its charter, etc. We do appreciate that that could take time.

    KK> That said, some minor issues still remain, but they can easily
    KK> be resolved, now that we have taken this significant step
    KK> forward.

    KK> The first is that ILUG Bangalore is as yet not a legal
    KK> body. So, can ILUG -Bangalore register itself fast? You could
    KK> do a not -for profit society registration.

    KK> I believe that ILUG-Bangalore has some apprehensions about
    KK> registering now, thinking that the Linux community would see
    KK> this in the wrong light as they could be seen as jumping the
    KK> registration gun. If you and /or (but preferably and) Thaths
    KK> ask them to do this, while the LI registration is pending,
    KK> then that could be handled. The process should not take more
    KK> than a week. I would be happy to help if required (in my
    KK> personal capacity, given my previous experience with the
    KK> Cooperative movement)

    KK> In my original letter, I had raised the issue of factions, et
    KK> al. Your mail also has some prominent LUGs missing in
    KK> endorsing this idea. Delhi, Trivandrum,Cochin (I may seem to
    KK> be partial to Kerala, but then I come from that part of the
    KK> country ;-)) and Pune come to mind immediately.

    KK> Your CCing your message to the lists should cover this
    KK> problem.

    KK> But, since we cannot monitor the discussions in all the
    KK> regional lists, and to avoid possible claims of not being
    KK> involved, of being short circuited, etc, may I suggest that
    KK> that the Coordinators from each representative LUG email their
    KK> own ILUG mailing lists, cc to me and you, stating that this
    KK> nomination is being made for IT.COM, as LI is not formally
    KK> structured and registered, and that such a nomination is
    KK> acceptable. (The fact that the li-reg list is a private list
    KK> and that all LUG members don't actually know what is being
    KK> discussed there also weighs in my suggesting this small but
    KK> important step).

    KK> I know that this is a long letter, and hope you do not get the
    KK> impression that I am trying to be difficult. PCQ just wants to
    KK> ensure that all parties get a fair deal, and are protected
    KK> from accusations or complications ( like we faced last year
    KK> when it came to accounting for the expenses) later on.

    KK> I assume that you will be addressing these minor issues and am
    KK> restarting the IT.COM process here at PCQ. Could you please
    KK> identify the coordinator of ILUG-Bangalore ( is that Jessica
    KK> or is it Biju Chacko or is it someone else? Perhaps they will
    KK> elect / appoint a new person, once they register
    KK> themselves). I now need to get in touch with this person.

    KK> PCQ has tried to be a propagator of Linux in India for many
    KK> years now - nothing would please us more than being able to
    KK> continue this role at IT.COM 2000.

    KK> Once again, thanks for all the help and for understanding and
    KK> acomodating our dilema.

    KK> Regards kkkg

    KK> --------------------

    KK> At 03:22 AM 9/7/00, Arun Sharma wrote: Dear KK,

    KK> It has been brought to our attention that IT.COM is an
    KK> important event and it would be a shame to lose this
    KK> opportunity to highlight Linux in such a high profile trade
    KK> show.

    KK> We are currently in the second week of a four week schedule to
    KK> figure out the charter and the administrative details of Linux
    KK> India on our mailing list. However, we do appreciate the
    KK> urgency of the matter. We also understand the difficulties you
    KK> have in justifying the expenses incurred on a local LUG.

    KK> Therefore, we propose that you (PCQ) consider ILUG Bangalore
    KK> as the authorised organisation to handle all matters relating
    KK> to IT.com on behalf of Linux India for this year.  We hope
    KK> that Linux-India will have much to contribute to the Linux
    KK> presence at IT.com from 2001 onwards.

    KK> This was passed by an overwhelming majority on the Linux India
    KK> registration mailing list.

    KK> Signed by:

    KK> Arun Sharma Sudhakar "Thaths" Chandrasekharan
    KK> K. Dakshinamurthy G. Sagar - ILUG Bombay Vaibhav Sharma - ILUG
    KK> Indore Gurunandan Bhat - ILUG Goa Girish Kamath - ILUG
    KK> Mangalore Biju Chako - ILUG Bangalore Prabhu Ramachandran -
    KK> ILUG Chennai Naheed Vora - ILUG Ahmedabad Nikhil - ILUG
    KK> Hyderabad